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Is Pricing One of Your Biggest Challenges?


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We teach pricing at every live ABI workshop, because this core subject is essential to the health of your small business. Pricing correctly can make the difference between success and failure. We are pleased to now offer this course online, in an easy-to-read format, with videos, exercises and clear step-by-step instructions.

Have you experienced any of these problems? 

  • You’ve underpriced your work out of fear that it won’t sell.
  • You aren’t clear on how to arrive at the right price for your work.
  • You’re unsure whether you are actually profitable in your small business.
  • You want to charge higher prices for what you make, but don’t know how to do it.

Did you know?

  • It’s not “all about price” but choosing the right market.
  • There are ways to add perceived value to your work that justify a higher price.
  • Profit is not what you put in your pocket at the end of the show day.

This course takes the mystery out of pricing!

Our comprehensive course teaches:

  • The formula for calculating expenses and arriving at a base price.
  • Why this formula is essential for fine artists and makers – no matter your market or how you are selling.
  • Why you must build your price from the ground up.
  • How to control costs and become more efficient, increasing your margins.
  • How to understand the “cost of sale” and why it matters.
  • Adding perceived value to your work to increase your prices.
  • The truth about markups – for selling wholesale, selling retail and consigning.
  • How to price your fine art, and when to increase your prices.
  • Strategies for working with art galleries.
  • Discounting strategies and pitfalls.
  • The importance of pricing consistency.
  • How to scale your product offerings to gain repeat sales and increase profits.

This is the first course that has given me concrete information about how to price my art work. I finally know and can confidently calculate what a wholesale price is and what retail is. It has rocked my world where I am discovering that the artwork I make needs to command higher prices. I can take this information and use it to create a sustainable income from the glass art that I love to do!  Thank you!  – Louis Gignac


Course Contents:

Unit One: Calculating Your Prices and Adding Value

Lessons: The Problem with Pricing; The Basic Pricing Formula; Breakdown of the Basic Pricing Formula; What is the Markup to Retail Price?; Simplify Your Pricing with Software Problems; What the Market will Bear; Perceived Value; Adding Value to Your Work

Unit Two: Reduce Costs and Increase Your Efficiency

Lessons: Get Efficient; Use Technology to Decrease Labor Time; Buy Supplies in Volume; Reduce Cost of Sale

Unit Three: Pricing Fine Art and Other Pricing Strategies

Lessons: Discover Where Your Work Fits into the Art Market; A Simple Pricing Structure; Underpricing and Overpricing; Increasing Your Prices; Selling Through a Gallery; Selling Directly to Collectors; Pricing Consistency; Should You List Prices on Your Website?; Pricing Commission Work; Spreading Your Price Points; Split Your Line or Collection; Leverage Your Designs

Self-evaluations – Apply each lesson to your situation using these evaluations, and build your own prices with our templates.

Case studies on pricing strategies – Examples of pricing problems and strategies using real-life creative businesses.

Videos – Additional information about the pricing formula, adding value, reducing costs, pricing fine art and more.





Artist & Maker Pricing Strategies