ProductHow to Wholesale: A Step-by-Step Guide for the Creative Entrepreneur

Do you want to earn more income by selling your handmade work?

Learn how to wholesale and take your products to a whole new market!

Are you burned out from retail shows and fairs? Running an online store without much luck? Need an ongoing stream of regular income?

How to Wholesale: A Step-by-Step Guide for the Creative Entrepreneur


The Arts Business Institute has been teaching wholesaling as a business model since 2002. Our new Wholesale Academy series benefits creative entrepreneurs looking for a proven model to grow their small businesses.

This comprehensive e-course includes:

Unit One: Getting Started

  • Wholesale Basics
  • Is Wholesaling Right for You?
  • How Wholesaling will Change Your Small Business

Unit Two: Moving from Consignment to Wholesale

  • Consigning vs. Wholesaling
  • Making the Transition
  • Consignment can still be Useful – Here’s Why
  • Negotiating Wholesale/Consignment with Store Buyers

Unit Three: The Wholesale Marketplace

  • Wholesale Trade Shows
  • Making Online Sales
  • Hire Sales Representatives
  • Call on Stores in Your Local Area

Unit Four: Your Business Structure and Systems

  • Business Essentials
  • Production Setup
  • Your Production Calendar
  • Plan Your Marketing
  • Sales Tools

Unit Five: Pricing and Profitability

  • The Basic Pricing Formula
  • What are Materials Costs?
  • What is Labor Cost?
  • What is Overhead?
  • What is Cost of Sale?
  • What is Profit? Why Does it Matter?
  • Retail Markup

Unit Six: Getting Paid

  • Terms of Payment
  • Extending Credit
  • When It’s Time to Collect

Unit Seven: Growing Your Wholesale Business

  • What do Retailers Want?
  • How to be a Good Partner to Your Retailers
  • Outstanding Customer Service

The course also includes:

  • Instructional Videos in each Unit
  • Artist Stories
  • Self-Evaluations
  • Checklists and Templates
  • Hot Tips



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How to Wholesale: A Step-by-Step Guide for the Creative Entrepreneur